My love for singing began at a local contest. On a dare I entered a singing competition and won second place. I continued singing and became known as Bermuda’s “Ice Man”- Jerry Butler. I loved performing but had to make the choice of leaving singing to begin my career in the Insurance Business. I became an extremely competent and successful Salesman, but my passion never diminished for singing. To my delight I was contacted to become a part of a Calypso themed Revue in our major hotels. I performed nightly and our show was so popular that we were asked to do two command performances for the Governor of Bermuda.

In spit of the grand accomplishments through Calypso, I still missed my first love: Rhythm an Blues. Soon after the music genre began to change. Disco became popular and it was at this time I started focusing more on my Insurance career goals. I always felt the absence of singing, however, so in 2006 I dusted off my “singing pipes” and released a single:- “I’m Ready”. This single was met with substantial positive and favourable reviews. Therefore, due to prompting from friends and family, I decided to follow my ultimate dream. “Reflections of Life and Love”, is the finished product of that dream.

I hope you enjoy the songs as much as I enjoyed doing them for you. So sit back, relax, and reflect on life and love. Enjoy!!!
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